Looking for reception ideas, here are a few to get you going

  • Adding a few extra details to your wedding isn’t a expensive affair, it is all about adding the right touches to it so that your wedding isn’t just another wedding. These need not necessarily be large scaled customization but a few minor touches make all the difference.
  • If you have finalized on your venue you can discuss with the vendor about setting aside a small space that guests could come and take a break whenever they feel so. Some nice cushy pillows and chairs will work. If it is an outdoor area you can enclose the space to make it look exclusive. It is a nice way to have you guests just throwback, relax and mingle with others between breaks.
  • Adding ushers to your reception party will give your guests a warm welcome to the event and taken care of. Escorting the guests personally to their assigned seating is a nice touch to the party which everyone will appreciate. Talk to the staff at the reception venue or even the waitstaff can help in the ushering.
  • Guest transportation to the venue can be a lot of fun to get everyone in the mood and together for the party. If you plan to shuttle everyone together ensure that there is someone assigned that will keep the crowd entertained. You can play some 70’s music that everyone can sing to or even a few wedding games. Decorating the bus with signs of funny quotes or  a cool old 70’s bus or even the old yellow school bus is an unique way of mixing things up.
  • To lighten the mood at the ceremony you could serve a few cocktails or light beverages as a welcome drinks along with a few bar snacks. Iced teas or fruit mocktails go well along with a few dry snacks with it. You would also need to inform the caterers or the waitstaff to clear the soiled glasses to keep the place ready before the processional begins.
  • There is nothing better than personalizing the escort cards of your guests which would they could keep as a memento. Ditch the paper if you can, try out personalized cake pops, engraved glasses or even customized mementos from gift stores that you can order in bulk. Similarly, gift bags can be customized as well, you can add personalized welcome notes addressed to each individual rather than at everyone. Slip in small items with your customized style and color that guests can take back with them.
  • Keeping guests comfortable requires  a few small steps to ensure tiny-little things are taken care of which will be well appreciated than you can imagine. Arranging for transport for the out of town guests to their hotels will not have them worried as to how they would get back after the ceremony as over. Outdoor locations can be sometimes a bit too hot or sometimes even cold. Having a make-shift indoor area could keep your guests warm just in-case they cant bear the chilly weather or a small tent with cool water and sunscreen when in an hot environment. A child care area  or a small space where kids can simply be kids can have the parents relaxed knowing that they kids need not be given a lot of attention.
  • A ‘do it yourself station’ can draw a lot of attention and  interest. You can a small station when guests can mix and match their accessories for the day or even a small flower counter where they can have someone pick and assemble a corsage or boutonniere. There are plenty of guest book ideas you can choose from as well. Instead of the traditional guest book you can have something unique that guests would be inquisitive about. You can have pieces of the guest book assembled individually and them assembled into a larger image with messages on them. More Info at WW Events